Virus (1999)



United States



John Bruno

Cliff Curtis, David Eggby, Donald Sutherland, Jamie Lee Curtis, Joanna Pacula, Julio Oscar Mechoso, Keith Flippen, Marshall Bell, Olga Rzhepetskaya-Retchin, Sherman Augustus, William Baldwin, Yuri Chervotkin

Welcome To The Dead Of Winter The fate of mankind lies in the hands of a group of scientists located in the barren, nether regions of Antarctica when a disastrous plane crash releases a genocidal virus engineered for chemical warfare by the military. As soon as the deadly virus is released into the world, it spreads quickly, infecting the unsuspecting population at a terrifying rate. No one is safe, and only a small group of people living in the vast, frozen tundra of Antarctica has a chance at life - and even then, that is only if scientists can devise a way to contain the virus and prevent becoming infected themselves. So little is known about the deadly disease that saving mankind has become little more than a desperate hope - and when a second disaster involving a nuclear catastrophe strikes, survivors and scientists have little more to cling to than a prayer...


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