Virtual Sexuality (1999)

Virtual Sexuality

Virtual Sexuality

United Kingdom



Nick Hurran

Alan Westaway, Alison Garland, Amanda Holden, Ania Sowinski, Carl Pizzie, Caroline Chikezie, Jake Curran, James Daley, Keeley Gainey, Kieran OBrien, Laura Aikman, Laura MacAulay, Luke de Lacey, Lynne Wilmot, Marcelle Duprey, Natasha Bell, Nicholas Pry, Ozdemir Mamodeally, Philip Bird, Preeya Kalidas, Ram John Holder, Robert Oates, Roger Frost, Rupert Penry-Jones, Ruth Sheen, Steve John Shepherd, Stewart Harwood

Love is just a point and click away. Fresh from England comes Virtual Sexuality, an ultra hip, action-packed sexy comedy about the rules of dating in our high-tech cyberspace world. Super-cute 17-year-old Justine just wants to find Mr. Right, but a busty local sexpot known as 'Hoover' keeps getting all the attention. Frustrated, Justine goes to a new technology fair to snag a guy and winds up creating her perfect man on a computer. When a fluke accident makes virtual reality real, Justine finds herself face-to-face with her creation. But is her 'perfect man' really perfect for her? With a little help from her friends, Justine takes a magic carpet ride and finds that love is full of surprises.


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