Virgin Witch (1972)

Virgin Witch

Virgin Witch

United Kingdom



Ray Austin

Ann Michelle, Christopher Strain, Esme Smythe, Helen Downing, James Chase, Keith Buckley, Maria Coyne, Neil Hallett, Patricia Haines, Paula Wright, Peter Halliday, Prudence Drage, Vicki Michelle

Vicki Michelle of'Allo 'Allo!fame and her sister Ann Michelle (House Of Whipcord, The Marquis De Sade's Justine) are two young models are who are lured by a lecherous lesbian to spend a weekend at a country house being photographed by a trendy photographer. In reality, Ann is being set up for a virgin sacrifice and induction into a witches' coven. Chock-a-block with sex, lesbianism, lurid seventies fashions, dodgy witches and even dodgier warlocks, Virgin Witch is a prime concoction of British Exploitation Cinema.


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