Until September (1984)

Until September

Until September

United States



Richard Marquand

Albert Augier, Christopher Cazenove, Edith Perret, Fernand Guiot, Françoise Fleury, Hutton Cobb, Jacques François, Jean-Claude Montalban, Jean-Gabriel Nordmann, Joanna Pavlis, Karen Allen, Lyle Joyce, Marika Green, Maryam dAbo, Michael Mellinger, Mike Marshall, Nitza Shaul, Oliver Spencer, Patrick Braoudé, Peggy Frankston, Thierry Lhermitte

She couldn't care less about Paris... until she met the Frenchman next door! Karen Allen (Raiders of the Lost Ark) delivers 'a performance of great humor and subtle emotion' (Variety) as a lonely American tourist who falls for suave French playboy in this bright, funny and passionate romance. As far as Mo Alexander (Allen) was concerned, Paris was just an unplanned pit stop on her whirlwind summer tour of Europe. But that was before she missed her connecting flight and met a sexy Frenchman (Thierry Lhermitte). Savvy, sophisticated and positively drop-dead gorgeous, he captures Mo's heart with just one steamy, blue-eyed glance. But is this hot Parisan dreamboat looking for a long-term commitment... or is he simply passing time Until September?


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