Until death (2007)

Until death

Until death

United States



Simon Fellows

C. Gerod Harris, Gary Beadle, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Mark Dymond, Rachel Grant, Selina Giles, Stephen Lord, Stephen Rea, Wes Robinson, William Ash

Jean-Claude Van Damme plays a dirty cop, fighting to capture his ex-partner. His character, Anthony Stowe, is a narcotics lieutenant addicted to heroin, has a bad attitude, and everyone hates him, including his soon-to-be-ex wife. His ex-partner, Gabriel Callaghan (Stephen Rea) is working to become the new leader of the gangsters in local organized crime. Callaghan sends his goons after Anthony, who's shot in the head and comes very close to death, falling into a coma. Months later, he awakens from the coma with the idea of finishing off his former partner and becoming a better person, and better husband.


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