Untamed Soul (2008)

Untamed Soul

Untamed Soul



TV Series

Arquímedes Rivero, Maria Eugenia Perera, Tito Rojas, Yaky Ortega

José Ángel Llamas, Lilibeth Morillo, Lisette Morelos, Luis José Santander, Scarlet Ortiz, Víctor González

Alma Perez is a diamond in the rough: 23 years old, uneducated and without any education who lives with her cruel stepmother Rafaela "Pucha" Perez and sister Jazmin Perez. Destiny brings her to the hacienda of Patricio Sorrento, where she begins to live there as a guest. Unknown to her, she is actually the heires to Patricio's fortune. Pucha, her adoptive grandmother was paid to raise Alma by her real grandmother Paula Romero. There, she meets Juan Pablo Robles, the administrator of the hacie...


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