Unknown (2006)



United States



Simon Brand

Adam Rodriguez, Adriana Yanez, Barry Pepper, Ben Bray, Bridget Moynahan, Chris Mulkey, Clayne Crawford, David Selby, Greg Kinnear, Jeffrey Daniel Phillips, Jeremy Sisto, Joe Pantoliano, Kevin Chapman, Lucia Morella, Mel Rodriguez, Patricia Belcher, Peter Stormare, Simon Brand, Victoria Justice, Wilmer Calderon

Five men wake up in a chemical warehouse with no memory of who they are, how they got there and with no way out. They soon discover that some of them are hostages and some are kidnappers, and they now have to find out who are the good and bad guys. The group includes one (Greg Kinnear) with a broken nose, two (Barry Pepper and James Caviezel) who are unhurt, one (Joe Pantoliano) tied to a chair, and one (Jeremy Sisto) handcuffed to a pipe and slowly dying from a gunshot wound.


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