Nadja (1995)



United States



Susanna Edwards

Anna Bjelkerud, Eddie Andersson, Emanuel Claesson, Frida Skarke, Jesper Tullberg, Kajsa Segerbäck, Krister Struwe, Kristian Lima de Faria, Lena Klingvall, Luis Acosta García, Viktor Larsson Högfeldt

A Legend Shrouded In Mystery. A Legacy Drenched In Blood. Twin brother and sister vampires struggle against each other-and the ancient curse that binds them-in this stylish, erotic thriller set against the concrete canyons of modern-day Manhattan. Fiendishly seductive Nadja (Elina Löwensohn) and brother Edgar (Jared Harris) spend their days entombed in darkness, and their nights hiding in the heart of the New York after-hours scene. But Edgar is haunted by the painful duality of a life lived in the shadows-and troubled by his twin's relentlessly evil nature. While Nadja weaves her sensual spell around the niece and nephew of famed vampire hunter Dr. Van Helsing (Peter Fonda), Edgar joins forces with his would-be-assassin, plotting to bring down his sister in an all-out orgy of sex, blood, and death that the L.A. Weekly calls 'Truly hot! Sex and moviemaking of the unsafest sort.'


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