Nacidas para sufrir (2009)

Nacidas para sufrir

Nacidas para sufrir




Miguel Albaladejo

Adriana Ozores, Antonio Gamero, Jorge Calvo, Malena Alterio, Maria Alfonsa Rosso, Maria Elena Flores, Mari Franc Torres, Mariola Fuentes, Marta Fernández-Muro, Petra Martínez, Ricard Borràs, Sneha Mistri

Flora, 72, is a spinster in a small town that has always been devoted to the care of older relatives. Her only sister died young, leaving her three nieces orphans of which also had to deal. The three nieces grew up and left the village and Flora are scared because now the time comes they will have to look after her and fears that lead to the residence where one of them works. His only salvation is Purita, a young woman who has been in recent years helping to care for their elderly relatives, and is the only one that feels the family.


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