MacArthur (1977)



United States



Joseph Sargent

Addison Powell, Alex Rodine, Allan Miller, Art Fleming, Barry Coe, Beulah Quo, Charles Cyphers, Dan OHerlihy, Dick ONeill, Ed Flanders, Eugene Peterson, Fred Stuthman, G.D. Spradlin, Garry Walberg, Gregory Peck, Harvey Vernon, Ivan Bonar, Jesse Dizon, Kenneth Tobey, Lane Allan, Marj Dusay, Nicolas Coster, Philip Kenneally, Robert Mandan, Sandy Kenyon, Tom Rosqui, Walter O. Miles, Ward Costello, Warde Donovan, William Wellman Jr., Yuki Shimoda

The film follows the stormy career of General Douglas MacArthur from the fall of Corregidor in 1942 to his return as a hero to the USA. As a General, MacArthur's position in the Philippines was made hopeless by Japan's destruction of more than half the planes in his Far East Command. This remarkable story traces the General's victories in the Pacific, his deft handling of the democratisation of Japan during post war occupation, his presidential ambitions, and return to war in Korea where his subordination led to dismissal in 1951.


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