Mac and Me (1988)

Mac and Me

Mac and Me

United States



Stewart Raffill

Andrew Divoff, Buckley Norris, Bud Ekins, Christine Ebersole, Danny Cooksey, Ernie Fuentes, Gary Brockette, George Buck Flower, J.D. Hall, J. Jay Saunders, Jack David Walker, Jack Eiseman, Jack Ong, Jonathan Ward, Joseph Chapman, Laura Waterbury, Lauren Stanley, Lowell Sexton, Martin West, Mayah McCoy, Raymond Forchion, Richard Wright, Roger Hampton, Sterling Swanson, Vinnie Torrente

Out of this world and into your heart! Greetings, earthlings. A pint-sized extraterrestrial has just landed on our planet by accident-and he's feeling a little alienated because he got separated from his family upon arrival. Fortunately, the hilarious, intergalactic antics of this Mysterious Alien Creature (MAC) will help him charm his way into the heart of everyone he meets, including Ronald McDonald in a rare cameo! As far as best friends go, MAC makes a pretty good one. He has a gentle disposition and a terrific sense of humor. But for new-kid-in-town Eric Cruise, the problem is that no one will believe that his fun new friend even exists. Everyone thinks it's all science fiction until MAC comes out of hiding and takes Eric, his family, his neighborhood and his world on a fantastical journey that will transform their lives-forever!


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