9 (2009)


9 (Number 9) (Nine)

United States



Shane Acker

Christopher Plummer, Crispin Glover, Elijah Wood, Fred Tatasciore, Jennifer Connelly, John C. Reilly, Martin Landau

The film begins with the Scientist creating a little mechanical humanoid homunculus (called "stitchpunks" by fans and throughout this article) 9 (Elijah Wood) as he tells how humanity, in its blind pursuit of science and technology, went to its doom. He finally gives life to the doll with a talisman, and then dies. 9 awakes, unable to speak. He takes the talisman, depositing it in the opening of his body under the zipper. He opens the windows and sees a terrifying post-apocalyptic world, and someone walking. He leaves the building to see who it is. Outside, he sees several human corpses. 9 hears someone close, and then he meets 2 (Martin Landau), another, highly intelligent and inventive, stitchpunk created by the Scientist, who inserts a speaking device in 9 and becomes his friend.


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