8 Seconds (1994)

8 Seconds

8 Seconds

United States



John G. Avildsen

Barry Francis Lederer, Billy Thomas, Boyd Polhamus, Cameron Finley, Carrie Snodgress, Clint Burkey, Clyde Frost, Coquina Dunn, Cynthia Geary, Daniel James Milliner, Daniel Lee McBride, Daniel Ramos, Danny Spear, Dustin Mayfield, Ed Kutts, Elsie Frost, Gabriel Folse, Gary Morse, George Michael, Hadley Barrett, J.D. Martin, James Henry Gunn, James Rebhorn, Jeff Roach, Jim Gough, Joe Stevens, John Growney, John Swasey, Jonathan Joss, Karla Bonoff, Kenny Edwards, Kix Brooks, Linden Ashby, Lori Heuring, Luke Perry, Michael G. Botts, Mike Hammes, Paul Alexander, Ray Herndon, Red Mitchell, Renee Zellwegger, Ronnie Claire Edwards, Ronnie Dunn, Stephen Baldwin, Terry McBride, Tommy Greywolf, Tonie Perensky, Troy Lee Klontz, Vince Gill

The plot follows young Lane learning the tricks of the bull riding trade at the hand of his father, Clyde Frost, an accomplished rodeo bronc rider himself. The film moves through the teenage and early adult years of Lane's life as he travels the western rodeo circuit with his best friends Tuff Hedeman and Cody Lambert. Lane meets and falls in love with a young barrel racer, Kellie Kyle (Cynthia Geary), and eventually they marry in 1985.


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