49 Days (2011)

49 Days

49 Days

South Korea


TV Series

Kwang Jo Young

Bae Geu Rin, Byung-ho Son, Chae Sang-Woo, Gyuri Nam, Il Woo Jung, Ji-hye Seo, Jo Hyun Jae, Jung-woo Choi, Kim Yoo Bin, Moon Hee Kyung, Soo-bin Bae, Yoo Ji In, Yo Won Lee

A woman named "Ji Hyun Shin" whom has everything, loving parents, best friends, and an adoring fiancé, gets into a car accident before her wedding causing her to be in a coma. A reaper known as "Scheduler" gives Ji Hyun a second chance to live. In order for her to do that, she must have 3 people cry pure tears. She uses the body of Song Yi Kyung, a woman who lost everything. After devastating turnovers with friends, family, and fiancé Ji Hyun finds it difficult. But grows strong.


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