3º Colder (2005)

3º Colder

Drei Grad kälter (3º kälter)




Florian Hoffmeister

Alexander Beyer, Bibiana Beglau, Brigitte Zeh, Florian David Fitz, Grischa Huber, Hubert Mulzer, Johann von Bülow, Katharina Schüttler, Meret Becker, Sebastian Blomberg

Five years after he went missing on a holiday in northern Spain, Jan returns to his hometown of Nuremberg - and to the various friends, and the former lover, he left behind. But understandably, his reappearance sparks some complex responses: for one thing, his ex - Marie (Bibiana Beglau, from Schlondorff's The Legends of Rita) - is now married to Frank, the mutual friend with whom she searched in vain for Jan, years earlier. So why exactly has Jan returned? Where has he been? And what does he want?


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