25th hour (2002)

25th hour

25th hour

United States



Spike Lee

Anna Paquin, Barry Pepper, Brian Cox, Edward Norton, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Rosario Dawson

The film begins with Monty Brogan and Kostya saving a dog that he found abandoned in the street. As he drives away, the opening credits roll over shots of the Tribute in Light at the World Trade Center site. The film then cuts to the present (approximately 4 years have passed) and Brogan is walking the streets of New York with Doyle (the dog he saved). He goes to his old school where he meets up with his teacher friend Jacob Elinsky (Hoffman) and discusses a get-together at a local club planned later that evening. Elinksy then calls Frank Slaughtery (Pepper) who is working as a Wall Street trader.


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